Another One Man Band. Joco talks about his latest music album

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Photo: Courtesy of Joco Publishing

Towards the end of 2015, Joco released an EP music album, titled, Sunny Day; He now returns in 2016, as he promised, with “Another One Man Band”, a full album that has a total of 19 tracks, and which also incorporates four tracks from Sunny Day.

Joco, in this album, went all out for his audience, in a style or a genre that he calls, Digital Jazz Fusion. Some have suggested that his music somehow also belongs to World music. He calls his music digital jazz fusion because the musical instruments he used were all sourced from his computer studio software, and also with a jazz kind of sound that also incorporated other instruments that are not commonly used in traditional jazz. The Another One Man Band repertoire includes: 1 Small Space; 2 Sunny Day; 3 A twist in the tale; 4 DigiRetro; 5 Grandma’s Tunes; 6 The situation right now; 7 Coded; 8 Durban Blues; 9 Here we go again; 10 Ukube; 11 I wanna listen; 12 One more Day; 13 Dance it out; 14 Bitter Tea; 15 One for the road (Interlude); 16 Busy Streets; 17 Ancient City Vibe; 18 Priceless moments; and 19 Sunny Day (Reprise). His album is a journey in his growth as an artist, with the first song in his repertoire, signifying his beginnings, and the latter songs his maturity. He has grown in terms of, technique, the choice of chords he uses, choice of instruments, and the nature of arrangements. He adds that, some of the songs in the album were influenced by his recent trip to Istanbul, where you find some of the tracks, like Busy Streets, Ancient City Vibe, One more day, and Bitter Tea capturing the mood around it. One of the artists that have a peculiar command for the voice and technique in South Africa, he features in this album, is Ndu Shezi, on Ukube, track number 10; any listener will definitely enjoy feeling the cool breeze that her voice brings in this song. For his latest work, he says that, he was influenced a lot by Jazz artists in his country and around the world, artists like Thelonious Monk, Keith Jarrett, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Paul Motian, Bayete, Themba Mkhize, Turkish music, Gospel music, and other artists in South Africa.

The Another One Man Band’s album art, shown above, is another choice that Joco had to make when thinking and looking at his latest work, and here, he uses a galaxy as signifying his place in a universe that is full of different types of music and other artists, and his contribution of songs, he says, they are stars in his galaxy, with each having planets(with different meaning for each listener) around it. This is the work of art that is none like other, but also with the familiarity that is friendly to the common ear, making it an album that belongs to this world, and hopefully also to the world to come, and of course, that is if you believe in it.

Asked about his aim, as an artist who, writes, composes, plays instruments, sings, records, mixes, and masters his albums, he said, ” I want anyone who is musical, but also engaged in other professions, and with limited access to mainstream music platforms, and those who diverted to other careers due to life constraints, when they listen to my albums, know that no one can stop them, but only themselves, on presenting their God given talents to the world”. He said that, he is assisting in opening opportunities for those artists who can afford to own, the now not so expensive, home and project studios, so that, they too, in the comfort of their different lifestyles produce the music they always wanted to do, but hindered by their other responsibilities. He says that, no music artist should be limited by the music industry’s decades entrenched “barrier to entry” traditions, and end up leaving this world without having able to present their fair social views, through their art. His latest album, when listening to it, it is like traveling on a long road with, different, beautiful, and interesting things to see.

The album will be available in all the international online music outlets and phone applications, before the end of September 2016.

Music Outlets where the album will be available: CD Baby, Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Simfy, and other.