When I look at my art, which is composed of many things, but in the lead, my music; I wonder what the people fifty to a hundred years from now will learn from me.

I am conscious of the fact that I work in an unconventional fashion due to my circumstances as an artist, as any person should be, and this allows me to do things that only a person in my capacity/circumstance can do, unique as in my physical body features, and that is a plus. Without a doubt there are definitely opportunity costs in this game of life, of art. I do not go around blaming my artistry for not following a certain popular route, because if one cannot learn that trying to change things that cannot be changed at a particular time is a waste of precious time, then that is a shame. Perhaps for most of us who do what we do, our art in many years to come becomes also a subject of psychoanalysis as a result of what is beneath it. Then at that time will people learn something from it, and maybe some will assimilate it as a result of being in similar circumstances. It is my responsibility as an artist, a person, to live the truth as it is encrypted in how the art was created.

When I look at people around me, they do things in a certain way without explaining it, and right there their art of living is encrypted, and now because of social media everyone is a documented public figure and open to unofficial research by posterity, which allows us to learn from anyone. Sometimes we think that success is learnt from the notable people who publicize their works and who have made huge monetary gain from it, but previous posterity, that is generations before us, and us, have proved this to be wrong. We have learnt the art of living from everyone that lived before us, in archaeological finds and whatever everyone left for us to learn about them. From archaeological information we can for example learn that a person died not happy about their life, or learn that they were satisfied with it. We can learn that they were rich or were poor, were kings or were subjects, were leaders or followers, worked with hands or were intellectuals, and so on. This is their art of living I suppose, and their truth. A collective DNA of humanity in every generation has their art of living encrypted. We have people that practice a certain skill with proficiency but who are not publicized, we have great speakers that are not making money of it and sometimes we see them during funerals, and in other public communities’ occasions. We have in our families, mothers, sisters, wives, and even brothers who cook good food but do not earn salaries from that art. People weave through life using their art of living, and that will always be a subject for posterity. My new play list is that subject as what you do daily is too. Check it out on, https://www.deezer.com/en/playlist/4124764862