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Mukhulu, the song, Sihle Zungu says it is the overarching philosophy in all that he thinks and does. He says that in everything he sees around him including things he reads about, the greatness of their existence, and how they affects other things, overwhelms him in a positive way. Playing and producing music, he says is a gift that he appreciates immeasurably, as it always opens up the secrets of life whenever he walks around in the musical form’s galaxy. In his music he sees other forms in perfect union and partnership with it. He says that, Mukhulu is a culmination of his experiences up to now, and that the song deeply digs down to the deepest emotions, and realities that he appreciates in life. When asked if the song only refers to his successes, says without mincing his words that it also speaks to all the sadness that he is grateful of having gone through in life. When asked about the genre that the song belongs to, he takes a deep breath as if he is figuring out where it actually fits in, and then says, “even if it sounds like a jazz ballade with connotations of Gospel music, it is a song that belongs to all people and their experiences in life, and helps them see how insignificant they are in a world and universe that allows them at its choosing to live or to die. He says that, that fact alone suggests that everyone no matter who they are must accept the moment they are in, and also learn from it. With a smile and raising his eyebrows said that there is no need for bitterness in life because it is a waste of time. Asking him about other collaborations in the future, he nods as the question is asked, and then says that all his work is already a collaboration by being given to the audience to criticize and enjoy, but he also says that regarding working with other artists, the sky is the limit [adding that, having given himself the nickname, Democracy Man]. The song is 3:31 minutes in duration, and is composed of vocals and a saxophone; and in addition is a rhythm section of a piano, drums, and the electric bass. The song starts with an intro that is vocalized by a saxophone together with an instrumental backing in the background, and then emerges a traditional structure of verse chorus, verse chorus, instrumental verse chorus, closing with the final verse that also acts as an outro. It all feels like an all male vocal group collaboration that is accompanied by a three piece band. The producer points out that, in the song one finds a traditional feel, jazz piano counterpoint, a saxophone solo, and of course the vocal harmony that gives the song a certain strength that is brought to the fore from time to time in the song’s duration. The leader uses a vocal baritone unison in the beginning to stress the word Mukhulu. He says that he used both the minor[F#m], and the major chords, that were colored by the chromatic-ism that is evident in the movements of the chorus. He stresses that the song is meant to be easy on the ear, and in the deepest of the listener’s comprehension processors. Raising his hands, signifying praises, he took a moment to thank Tribe Z for the Mukhulu collaboration, which was also his idea, and for the arrangement of the chorus.  He added that if he has brought such feel to the song, then he cannot wait to hear what he can do next. He then with a sense of gratefulness, thanked his wife for continuing to listen to his music, and for that invaluable comment she voluntarily offered after listening to the song by accident for the first time, and also for harming it sometimes. He finally closed by saying that, after being given permission to work on such a song [talent], he now gives it back to the master, the listeners, as a multiplied talent.

The single is going to be released tomorrow, 18 May 2018, in most online international music streaming and download media outlets.